Does the dreamer now have a hunch or idea about his or her dream?

     Having applied these tools, it may well be that the dreamer now has some ideas about the meaning of the dream. Here, it is often valuable to ask the dreamer to try and come up with a title which somehow summarizes the dream in some way. Although there will sometimes be a temptation to be "clever" in formulating such a title, that is not what is being requested. Rather, the dreamer is asked to identify what for him or her is central and most important in the dream and this should be then evident from the title he or she comes up with. Such a title not only provides insight into which dream issue or issues are of paramount importance to the dreamer (and this often surprises the dreamworker), but, if written as a title for the dream in the dream diary, it also makes it easier to identify and locate the dream later, if desired.

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