b) Ask about the feelings in the dream

     In the same way, we use our feeling function when we ask about the moods, feelings and emotions that the dreamer had in the dream. Very often the most important information, and one can even say the dream's meaning, is contained in the feelings as they appear in the dream. One must never assume that one knows what the dreamer was experiencing in terms of feelings; it is always necessary to ask. And the answers one obtains can often be very surprising, even to the dreamer, who may not have paid much attention to this aspect of her or his dream.

     By asking for information about the dream images and for the feelings that occurred in the dream, the dreamer is often able to re-enter the dream and re-experience it to some extent. In this way, it becomes a mild form of active imagination and sometimes the dreamer is even able to dream the dream a bit further.

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