Obi wan kanobi

Anima/us and the Self

     Figures in our dreams of the opposite sex often have to do with our contra-sexual side, which Jung termed the anima (in men) and animus (in women). For men, this has to do with their tender, weak, receptive and feeling sides. For women, the animus may represent their creative and assertive sides.

     The fourth type of figure who appears in our dreams is what Jung termed The Self. This can appear as a man or woman - young or old - or even as an animal or plant (see the wise tree in Walt Disney's cartoon film of Pocahontas!). The quality that is in the forefront is wisdom and a kind of natural authority. This is that part of ourselves which knows what we are about, where we are headed (or should be), and what is right and wrong for us. Jung emphasized that this does not represent God in that it does not have to be obeyed unquestioningly. What are needed are dialogue and a partnership that evolves with time (and many dreams).

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