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Relationship and objective levels

     Sometimes, though, a relationship is represented or portrayed by the figures appearing in the dream - this is might comprise the fifth level of subjective dream meaning or one could say that it forms a bridge to objective dream meaning. One example might be a dream in which someone known to the dreamer dies - such dreams often mean that the relationship with that person has been neglected and needs attention. Such dreams often shock us into picking up the telephone and calling the person to see how they are doing, in which case, the unconscious has accomplished its task admirably.

     As mentioned above, the other major category of dream meaning can be subsumed under the heading objective. These are much rarer, though, than many believe: inner figures are often confused for outer ones. In dreams meant to be interpreted on the objective level, the unconscious is actually imparting information about some event, person or group of people, such as club, church or political party. Such dreams sometimes warn the dreamer about a disaster that is about to happen or, much more rarely, of something wonderful that is going to occur. They may just as well point out negative aspects of some person or persons he or she is dealing with or positive aspects that the dreamer may have missed may be emphasized. We can be informed about the actual death of a friend or relative in a dream or the birth of a child.

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