The spiritual path

The spiritual level

     Finally, there are dreams which are uplifting and seem to be distinctly spiritual, forming the final dream level or dimension. In a way, this brings us full circle since such dreams are usually highly symbolic and are often seen as archetypal. The deciding difference may be whether the dream results from some outside spiritual agency or arises rather from ones own spiritual aspirations and hopes (if these can be separated so easily!).

     Obviously, dreams can be meaningful on more than one level at the same time and any work on a dream should never omit taking this fact into account. Even within a single dream, differing levels can be represented and/or drawn on at various stages in the dream's progression. In addition, it sometimes happens that there are what is known as precognitive aspects in the dream (or the entire dream may refer to some future event in either a literal or symbolic fashion) and it is often very difficult to determine what meaning the dream may have until the event actually occurs (Richard Young, personal communication) (Dunne, 1927; Ryback & Sweitzer, 1988).

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